A good website cares about its visitors.

Visitors on your site should feel like friends in your home. Your users want to feel respected, comfortable and secure; in turn, you should be accommodating and trustworthy.

Quick load times, well-organized info, and great functionality in general is undeniably important to the strength of your online business. But these days, a sense of empathy and transparency feels equally as vital: Privacy policies that are easy to understand and don’t feel invasive; inquiries with a clear purpose and mutual benefits.

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Search Engines are complicated beasts.

Have you ever Googled your business without using your business name? Like, if your business is Jane Motorcycles, just searching for motorcycles. Try it out, and in Incognito mode, so your search history isn’t factored in. Is it easy for you to find yourself?

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E-Commerce is tricky.

You’ve set up shop online, and your loyal customers have begun interacting with your brand and your products in new and exciting ways. You’re communicative and personable, and your policies are reasonable.

You’re you, online.

So how to explain your lackluster stats? High bail rates, low conversions, and single item transactions are usually the product of a website struggling in one of three categories: Functionality, Design, and User Experience.

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Is your website optimized for mobile? (Hint: If you need to pinch and zoom, then no.)

More than ever, people are using their mobile devices to browse, shop, and socialize. Mobile users now expect a site to give them what they want: effortless navigation, unobtrusive design, and the ability to complete tasks with the same rate of success. This desire is changing what it means to be online.

The Net Theory team is at the cutting edge of mobile design. Here’s what we do to build the best possible sites for our clients:

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