Search Engines are complicated beasts.

Have you ever Googled your business without using your business name? Like, if your business is Jane Motorcycles, just searching for motorcycles. Try it out, and in Incognito mode, so your search history isn’t factored in. Is it easy for you to find yourself?

Someone searching for your type of business may find you easily on Monday, and by Friday you may be the 10th result buried on the third page. It’s a difficult process to manage, particularly when the parameters are constantly changing. But setting yourself up for success mostly comes down fully optimizing your site for search engines.

904ad1a2-0ac9-4af2-9cb5-c253cafa4330 We can help you with that. At Net Theory, we use a multi-layered strategy that makes your key search terms work for you. We streamline your site across all facets, design, content, and development, cutting out the unnecessary stuff that slows your website’s pages down and leaving only the content that will deliver results and generate leads and sales. And we analyze all the data pertinent to your site, traffic, users, and their behaviors, so we can quickly replace what isn’t working with what will.

By cutting the fat and leaving nothing but rich, quality content, we’ve delivered our clients measurable results. TAP into, a network for local news with plenty of competition in New Jersey, saw a 120% jump in Google News referrals within a month after we implemented a new optimization strategy. And the SEO work we’ve put in for clients such as Caviar Russe and Sherry-Lehmann ensure that they are consistently first page results when people search for caviar or wine in New York City.

SEO is a piece of a larger puzzle, but it’s a huge difference maker. So go ahead and try to Google your website with your search history disabled. Does it seem like potential customers can find you?

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