Introducing the new Caviar Russe: Redesigning an eCommerce Site for a Growing Brand

Net Theory is excited to announce the launch of the new Caviar Russe eCommerce and restaurant websites. As the largest caviar importer to the United States, and the proud recipient of a Michelin Star five years running, Caviar Russe is a luxury brand on the rise. Their online business has grown rapidly year after year, thanks in part to our phased approach to building their custom eCommerce and restaurant sites.

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A Custom Quote System for Lee & Low Books

We’ve been building custom eCommerce sites since 1999, for all types of clients. From this experience, here’s something we can say with certainty: There is no ideal eCommerce solution, because no two eCommerce businesses require the exact same tools.

Lee & Low Books, a Net Theory client since 2013, is the U.S.’s largest multicultural children’s book publisher. Their books cover a vast number of themes across many cultures that other publishers often miss.

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Introducing LLV: A Life Skills Game for Middle School Students

Last year, a new client approached us with interest in developing a video game called Live Life Virtually (LLV). The purpose of the game would be to teach kids the valuable life skills that were not a standard part of their school curriculum. As a lawyer, councilman, educator, musician, and writer, amongst countless other descriptors, his vision was as wide and ambitious as they come.

We engaged in long, fun discussions, imagining the many ways Net Theory could bring his vision to life. This game would need to have everything: a fully customizable avatar walking around, making decisions, spending money, choosing what foods to eat, socializing and chatting with friends, running, jumping, and on and on.

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Caviar At Your Fingertips

Caviar Russe is the largest supplier of caviar to the United States. They have a Michelin-starred restaurant on Madison Avenue, and a beautiful new location in Miami. We’ve been helping them sell caviar online since 2010. Earlier this year, Caviar Russe sought to add an extra convenience for their growing number of mobile customers by implementing Apple Pay.

caviar-russe-blinisHowever, their credit card processor did not yet support this integration. So we turned to our new partner, Braintree, a rising company in the ultra-competitive processing world.

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Case Study: Building a Mobile Application for TAPinto

Who TAPinto is: Our client since 2015, TAPinto is a network of franchised news sites, delivering up-to-the-minute, local news to over 100 communities. TAPinto serves over 5,500,000 unique users every month, and continues to grow its audience rapidly.

Reason for an App: Over 60% of TAP’s visitors come to the site on mobile devices. TAP saw a mobile app build as an opportunity to better serve their visitors – removing browser elements and producing a native look and feel, and delivering push notifications for important breaking news and great local deals.    Continue reading “Case Study: Building a Mobile Application for TAPinto”

Web user behaviors are not obvious.

For example, we associate mobile devices with mobility, but 75% of searches on mobile phones are performed while a user is at home. The parameters of responsive web design are always changing, because behaviors are constantly changing, too.

Eye contact

New devices arrive on the market every year, so we must adjust to new sizes and aspect ratios, and the user behaviors these devices will inevitably form. Ensuring your site looks and feels its best across popular screens is paramount to the success of your online business. Focusing on these three C’s can get you there:

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Every second counts.

Page load time is obviously an enormous part of any website’s user experience. A site developer that prioritizes slick functionality, animation, or large images also has to consider what these features are doing to the site’s speed.

You might be surprised to learn just how much of a difference even a couple seconds can make, particularly on our ubiquitous mobile devices. Visiting popular sites that perform well has greatly reduced the patience of the average mobile web user, down to about three seconds.


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We’ve launched a few sites this year that you might like.

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s nothing we love more than bringing their particular vision to life on the web. Here are two sites we’ve relaunched this year, featuring modern design updates and custom functionality.



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