Every second counts.

Page load time is obviously an enormous part of any website’s user experience. A site developer that prioritizes slick functionality, animation, or large images also has to consider what these features are doing to the site’s speed.

You might be surprised to learn just how much of a difference even a couple seconds can make, particularly on our ubiquitous mobile devices. Visiting popular sites that perform well has greatly reduced the patience of the average mobile web user, down to about three seconds.


Mobile Internet users want a web-browsing experience that is comparable to desktop or laptop, but most assume that load times are slower, for two very different reasons:

First, many users are not connected to WiFi when browsing on their phones. And secondly, too many web developers get caught up trying to jam all the functionality offered on a desktop site into their mobile versions.

We understand the desire for fast browsing experiences, regardless of device. Our designers and developers challenge one another to build sites that are both beautiful and efficient on every screen.

Do you site a favor and put it up to Google’s test.¬†And if you need to trim some fat, we’re here to help.

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