Caviar At Your Fingertips

Caviar Russe is the largest supplier of caviar to the United States. They have a Michelin-starred restaurant on Madison Avenue, and a beautiful new location in Miami. We’ve been helping them sell caviar online since 2010. Earlier this year, Caviar Russe sought to add an extra convenience for their growing number of mobile customers by implementing Apple Pay.

caviar-russe-blinisHowever, their credit card processor did not yet support this integration. So we turned to our new partner, Braintree, a rising company in the ultra-competitive processing world.

With the backing of the money transfer giant PayPal, Braintree’s technology and customer support are the perfect match for the upscale Caviar Russe client. Their authentication security management and cutting edge data encryption software, second-to-none, was a huge selling point for us as well.

Net Theory has now integrated the Braintree payment gateway with three of our clients, with plans to add two more this year. The gateway is super clean and organized, and the integration produces a beautiful and intuitive user experience.

When we began our partnership with Caviar Russe seven years ago, people scoffed at the idea of buying something as rare, perishable, and exclusive as caviar on the Internet. Today, all you need to buy the world’s best caviar is your fingerprint.


Read more about our partnership with Caviar Russe on the Net Theory site.

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