Is your website optimized for mobile? (Hint: If you need to pinch and zoom, then no.)

More than ever, people are using their mobile devices to browse, shop, and socialize. Mobile users now expect a site to give them what they want: effortless navigation, unobtrusive design, and the ability to complete tasks with the same rate of success. This desire is changing what it means to be online.

The Net Theory team is at the cutting edge of mobile design. Here’s what we do to build the best possible sites for our clients:

We pare down a desktop website to its essential elements. The mobile site that remains is an elegant, intuitive piece of design.

Caviar Russe Mobile View

We consider multiple formats. A website should function seamlessly, whether on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, across iOS or Android platforms, and in either portrait or landscape viewing.

We take cues from the best mobile apps. That means simple scrolling, straightforward copy, and uncomplicated entry forms. Everyone knows how to pinch and zoom, but who wants to?

The trend toward mobile is no short-lived fad; it’s the future of online behavior. Sure, a visually stimulating desktop site is still essential, but leave the fancy animation and complicated functions there. Mobile design should be simple, elegant, and touchscreen friendly. The Net Theory team is here to bring your mobile presence up to speed.

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